John Jordan Upchurch, America's Founder of the Fraternal Benefit System, stated, 'Fraternity is the mainspring that prompts us into action, and propels us forward in the noble work of Charity, Hope and Protection.' Through his efforts the lodge, the Ancient Order of United Workmen, was organized and was the first to offer an insurance provision in their constitution.

In February of 1937, the Fraternal Field Managers recognized the need for a more educated professional field force. They created a study program for the fraternal agents, which allowed the agents to earn an educational designation when completed. Fraternal Insurance Counselor (FIC) was the name decided upon for the study course. At the end of the first year, 113 agents had graduated the courses, with hundreds more working toward the designation.

Over the years, there have been continual updates to the courses. In 1950, the Fraternal Field Managers aided in organizing the National Association of Fraternal Insurance Counselors for the purpose to 1) enable the members to exchange ideas pertaining to fraternal field work; 2) promote educational activities for the benefit of the members and other fraternal field workers; 3) cooperate with the Fraternal Field Managers' Association in improving the Fraternal Sales Training program; and 4) work for the betterment of the Fraternal Insurance System.

In 1983, the Fraternal Field Managers Association introduced the 'Fraternal Financial Planner' designation. However, at the May 1985 Convention, the new designation was officially changed to 'Fraternal Insurance Counselor Fellow' (FICF). The first FICF certificates were distributed at that Convention. The FICF program is an additional three study course that focuses on advanced underwriting.

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